Blockchain based game emulation platform


HAMMER blockchain based HIYOKO game platform stores all activities and transaction history of users on blockchain that are generated while playing and is a transparent and fine game ecosystem that can not be edited or deleted by game operators

HIYOKO Token Sale

Step0. Arcade game emulation platform

HIYOKO is currently operating an arcade game emulator service Happy Chick. A global arcade game emulation platform Happy Chick is a top game platform in China that is focused on game player traffics such as mobile phones, arcades and TV games.
Total number of platform users has hit a 100 million until the first quarter of 2021.
It is an independent global game community platform that supports various arcade game platforms such as Android, iOS, TV, PC and VR.

The most integrated emulator platform with rich game resources.

Happy Chick emulates more than 18 systems all in one APP, some of the included emulators are FAB/MAME/MAMEPLUS, PS, PSP, FC(NES), SFC(SNEC), GBA, GBC, MD, NDS, DC, NGP, WS(WSC),PCE, ONS… etc. More games will be updated in the future.

Happy Chick enjoys perfect performance with Android gamepads.

Happy Chick is compatible with game controller on Android devices, free of button mapping stting, just play! If your OS is not Android, you are free to set up your own button map.

High speed internet download.

Users can download Happy Chick from cloud service, High Speed download, Breakpoint Transmission are supported;Compressed package will save your traffic.

Exclusive emulator supports online multiplayer.

Exclusive emulator supports Arcade and PSP games with online multiplayer, and play games to record and share your best gaming moments with friends in Happy Chick. More games is being updated.

The most integrated emulator platform with rich classcial games.

Large quantity of classical games include "Super Mario" "Street Fighter 97" "Monster Hunter" "Pokemon"… All of these games will recall your childhood memories.

Playing on the same Local area network with your friends.

You can play games wherever you are, in school, in office, on a train…. Play on the LAN evan without wifi service.

One click to set up, Game download and play at anytime.

For optimized or original emulators,no need complex operation on one-by-one installation, testing and setup. It is ultra easy to use.

Support on could saving and configuration.

Full support on could saving, makes it simple to backup games at anytime, and synchronize multiple devices to share the very progress of your games.

Step1. Blockchain based global game emulation platform

The blockchain based game emulation platform of HIYOKO will be established based on the HAMMER network.
All transaction of HIYOKO platform will be made through the stable coin, cheepoint which is a fiat currency of the platform.
The token economy of platform ecosystem is structured by issuing the platform token HYK based on HMC-20, a token standard of HAMMER.

Step2. NFT marketplace platform

Since NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is based on the blockchain, it stores information of ownership and transaction history on a blockchain.
Therefore, forgery and falsification is impossible as the initial issuer can be checked at any time.
Users can sell their possessed game items that are issued as NFT or resell the purchased NFT items in the NFT marketplace platform of HIYOKO.
The NFT issued by HIYOKO NFT marketplace are based on NFT standard HMC-721 of HAMMER.

Step3. Metaverse Platform

It is a metaverse platform that will become the ultimate destination of HIYOKO project.
The metaverse platform of HIYOKO is not just about implementing the virtual world in the game, it interacts with a variety of users on the platform.
And also, users can enjoy various contents such as exhibition, fashion shows, concerts and games.

HIYOKO Platform Ecosystem

HIYOKO platform is a blockchain based arcade game emulation platform. Based on the China’s top game emulation platform focusing on game player traffics such as mobile phone, arcades and TV games, it establishes a token focused ecosystem and introduces blockchain technology and planning to expand to NFT marketplace and metaverse platform.


2021 Year
Community upload restoration, technology upgrade
Total of 107 million platform users, 5 billion won of business profit

Blockchain data design
Securing consortium members

2022 Year
Launching adaptive version of offline screen and smart vehicles
Total of 123 million platform users, 13 billion won of business profits

Blockchain ecosystem launching
Expanding on, offline partners
Core contents promotion

2023 Year
Global operation
Total of 141 million platform users, 20 billion won of business profits

Metaverse service design
Global marketing expansion
Ecosystem expansion through platform advancement
Global virtual asset exchange expansion

2024 Year
Platform expansion
Total of 160 million platform users, 38 billion won of business profits

AI. Big data-based platform advancement
Ecosystem expansion and introducing additional business model

2021 Platform Status

• Developed fan game disclosure account matrix where there are 2 million of core users
• Hit a million users of Chick online platform game
• Completed contract with more than 20 customers of domestic and foreign listed game companies More than 500 of small, medium sized game developers


WeChat daily average

36,000~180,000 PV

Webpage traffic daily average IP


Number of monthly registers

800 thousand

One day player


Baidu daily average

Toutiao, Xiaomi Games, Ali Games, NetEase Games etc.


Global game community platform

Future positioning of Chick

Token Plan

The following is the HYK token issuance plan and basic information about the NFT.

Token Name


Token Symbol




Total Supply

5,000,000,000 HYK

NFT Minting Authority

HIYOKO Foundation


HMC-721(NFT standard)

HYK (HIYOKO Token) issued at HIYOKO platform uses HMC-20 standard selected at the HAMMER network after considering the stability and expandability of transaction. Also, the NFT message card is issued in NFT standard HMC-721 of HAMMER and the NFT issuance authority is belonged to HIYOKO Foundation.

HYK Coin Allocation

Operation within platform 30%
Public/Private sale20%
Partners 20%
Company reserve 10%

Funds Management Plan